Jewelry Avalanche

About us

My family has been in the jewelry business for several decades (and counting), creating, designing & customizing gold & silver jewelry. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the 2nd most natural thing for me to do when I decided to open my own business was to set up shop and do my own customization, this time, with contemporary & alternative metals. We love and are excited in blending these contemporary alternative metals with genuine diamonds & birthstones.

Each plain bands is precisely drilled with our state of the art laser machine, creating precise holes to bezel-set each carefully selected gemstones.

The usual request we get is for single-stone bands and some 3-stone bands, either with similar stones or a mix match of birthstones. Please feel free to inquire if you require more gemstones on a single ring and we will be happy to send you a quote for your unique custom ring.

A single ring should be finished in 5 days, though more complicated settings & the holidays rush could add a few more days to complete a ring.

My collection is one of a kind although similar or exact copies abound, but the difference in the quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself. I am proud of what I have on offer at my shop.

I like saving and getting a good bargain so I want my customers to get the same from whatever they buy from me.

The jewelry I have for sale don’t come in fancy boxes that one would eventually throw away or let gather dust in the attic, so that translates to less mark-up on the final price.